Monthly Archives: April 2016

  1. College Apps: Technology and Homelessness

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    April 26, 2016 by poverty2professional

    No Net, no printers, but I wasn’t about to be inconvenienced out of applying to college.

  2. The Study Sanctuary

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    April 19, 2016 by poverty2professional

    Being homeless, I never told anyone where I studied. I let them assume I had a desk, Wikipedia, and stuff like everyone else.

  3. Crunch Time


    April 11, 2016 by poverty2professional

    If you’re poor you get two free shots at the SAT. And then you realize you’re missing your student ID.

  4. Better Stay Healthy: Dental Care and Homelessness

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    April 5, 2016 by poverty2professional

    Without insurance, dental care was another expense. And without any toothaches, it seemed like a waste of money.