Resources for Homeless Students

1. School Stuff

School on Wheels, Inc.: Need tutoring? Got to track down those school transcripts? School on Wheels provides a variety of services that include:

  • One-on-one weekly tutoring
  • School supplies
  • Assistance in entering school
  • Help in locating lost records
  • Scholarships
  • Guidance for parents in educational matters for their children
  • A Learning Center located in the heart of Skid Row

Horatio Alger Scholarship: The largest national scholarship for high-need students. In addition to the scholarship, the Association offers a number of services and opportunities to Horatio Alger Scholars: Financial aid and scholarship counseling, college readiness tools, mentoring programs, alumni support, and campus housing opportunities. Applications are due in late October.

Scholarship Resources: This is a ranking of the best scholarship search sites. Here’s what you should know about scholarships and what you should know before you use a search platform. Finally, here’s a guide to applying for scholarships.

2. Places to Crash

Tuck Sleep Foundation has a developed a comprehensive listing of shelters by state. After an overview of general information, scroll down the page to Homeless Shelter Directory and click on any of the states’ hyperlinks. The directory isn’t just a listing of address and contact information but also notes if the shelter provides basic necessities (meals, clothing, toiletries) or if it has any additional wrap-around services.

Los Angeles Youth Network: A safe place to crash, food to fuel the next day, employment assistance, and transitional housing support services. They focus mostly on teenage youth and keep their doors open for everyone from all walks of life. If you’re between 18-21, you’re eligible for their long-term living program. If you’re seeking immediate assistance, please look here for more contact information.

My Friend’s Place: At almost 30 years old, My Friend’s Place knows their stuff. They have three support programs: Safe Haven, Transformative Education, and Health & Well Being. Services include meals, showers, clothing, hygiene supplies, transportation, and communication tools.

Covenant House California: With two residential campuses working 24 hours a day – one in Oakland, another in Hollywood – the California-focused organization takes in youth who have aged out of foster care and those trying to avoid gang violence. Covenant House provides both crisis care and transitional housing programs on site.

3. Government Aid / General

HUD Exchange: A one-stop spot for youth, and those who help youth, to find housing. This page lists all HUD homeless programs and initiatives that can be used by youth and youth serving providers to help prevent and end youth homelessness, as well as resources, publications, and relevant links to other agencies and organizations.

Homelessness Resource Center: A wealth of information built out of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), this site focuses on all types of homelessness (youth, vets, families) and provides information on multiple resources.




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